• “Quantum 3’s framing system replaces everything else that was here before. We use their products when we are building intricate production machines. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

    Alan Donoghue


    “They’ve made us better. We’ve been able to expand our product range because of them.”

    Matthew Baker


    “The Quantum 3 product stands out from the competition in terms of quality, mechanics and flexibility. That’s important for machine builders.”

    Tom Campbell


    ’Quantum 3 are one of my favourite suppliers and I will continue to use them as my first port of call’’

    Paul Donnelly

  • “We worked with Quantum 3 on a specific project that affected clean room areas. Because of the nature of the shift work, we had to plan for weekends and it was done over three weekends. They arrived, got the job done and left. There was little impact on production. You couldn’t ask for more.”

    Declan Cottrell



    “We have worked with Quantum 3 for a few years now and their product range is both functional and visually appealing. They have been incredibly easy to deal with throughout the process from design right through to onsite installation. We loved that the onsite technicians were able to make any adjustments that we asked for on the day without difficulty.”

    Production Team Leader

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