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Supporting Critical Business

Paul McGrath

Supporting Critical Business Image - Quantum 3

Like all businesses, here at Quantum 3, we’ve had to adapt to the current situation. We’d like to assure all our customers, suppliers and partners that we continue to offer our services while ensuring the health and safety of the entire team while supporting critical business.

Ensuring social distancing for critical operations

Using our own workplace separation systems, we’ve quickly reconfigured our manufacturing operations to help ensure our staff can quickly, and above all, safely build the mission-critical solutions needed by our pharma, tech and medical device customers in critical sectors. Working in a quickly configured isolated work area, our QA team are not only ensuring the rigorous compliance we demand but are helping to ensure that our products are packed and shipped with the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene, embedding health and safety throughout our entire supply chain.

Full manufacturing support

When it comes to office-based operations, we are fortunate to have been early adopters of cutting-edge cloud-based IT systems which have allowed us to seamlessly transition to remote working. This investment in technology is enabling our engineering team to safely work from home offices with full connectivity to shared software, drawings and files. Of course, the sales and finance teams are similarly connected while the entire organisation now conducts meetings and huddles via webinar.

Workplace segregation for vital industry

We are proud to be an approved supplier of workplace partitions, components and screens to global brands such as Waters Technology, Bausch & Lomb and Lake Region amongst others. Clients like these rely on our lean design, build and ship service to allow them to quickly adapt to the latest government guidelines while ensuring the safe continuity of their operations. We are proud that the quality of the solutions we provide meet or exceed the stringent specifications demanded in their clean-rooms and production areas.

At Quantum 3, we will continue supporting critical business during these uncertain times. To find out more about our workplace separation solutions, please click here. If you need any help or advice in reconfiguring your own operations, please don’t hesitate to call Paul on 086 2510227  or email