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Your Lean Manufacturing Fit-Out Partner

Design, build, supply and install of innovative smart workplace solutions for high-tech industry.

Knowledgeable, responsive, creative & flexible

Our clients would describe us as knowledgeable, responsive, flexible, creative and solution oriented. They like the quality of our framing systems and find it flexible and easy to change around.

Revolutionary modular construction system

Fast assembly and infinite reconfiguration is a breeze with the precision manufactured Quantum 3 profile and components system.

With a huge catalogue of compatible parts and accessories, the system allows you to easily adapt, grow and change your facility to suit demand. Maintain a stock of system parts and easily implement the most dynamic lean manufacturing practices.

Expert services to support high tech manufacturing


We sit and strategise about what you want & how best it can be achieved.


Our design engineers work alongside our technicians ensuring a high build quality every time.


We deliver direct to you and match our install with your approved 3D Layout Drawings.

Established in 2000, Quantum 3 manufactures a range of lean and flexible aluminium profile and framing systems for industry.

Your lean manufacturing fit-out partner

You can use our individual components to design and build solutions for your automated processes or we can do it for you.

Our name is derived from the word “Quantum” which is the smallest physical quantity that can exist on its own. We’ve found this to be a great analogy for our aluminium profile. Quantum 3 symbolises something greater. Something, that improves because of how the individual parts work together.

We can help you choose the right parts for your project. Alternatively, we can design and build it for you. In either case, the answer is always about building improvement in your workflow and your organisation.

Our Offices

Quantum 3 is based both in Ireland (County Clare) and the United Kingdom (Telford) where we design, build and install lean manufacturing applications for our clients. For our customers across the world who wish to build their own applications, we also supply individual parts through our component shop which can be accessed here.

Let us help you do that.

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