Established in 2000, Quantum 3 manufactures a range of lean and flexible aluminium profile and framing systems for industry.
You can use our individual components to design and build solutions for your automated processes or we can do it for you.

About Quantum 3

Our name is derived from the word ‘Quantum’ which is the smallest physical quantity that can exist on its own. We’ve found this to be a great analogy for our aluminium profile. Quantum 3 symbolises something greater. Something, that improves because of how the individual parts work together.

We can help you choose the right parts for your project. Alternatively, we can design and build it for you. In either case, the answer is always about building improvement into your workflow and your organisation.

Based in Ireland and the UK, Quantum 3 has grown from strength to strength, providing cutting edge solutions and parts to a range of high-tech industries across the world.

To get started on your project, visit our shop for individual components or get in touch today to discuss your requirements with us.

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