Quantum 3: Behind the Brand

Quantum 3: Behind the Brand

Take a look behind the brand as we reveal what led to the establishment of our Quantum 3 brand – look, feel and tone.

Behind the Brand

We’ve always believed in how things work together and that if you have the right parts then you can achieve anything. We felt that about our business.

  • We did a lot of research to make sure we developed the right product for the clients we knew out there that needed it.
  • We hired really good people who felt strongly about their own roles in the business.
  • We put in the systems we knew needed to be in place to make it all work.

The next step for us was the Marketing which was a very interesting process. Take a deeper dive behind the brand below.

The Creation of a Brand Involves Everyone

We didn’t realise when we started how the creation of a brand is influenced by so many people. The process has involved not only all the team here at Quantum 3 but our customers as well. Speaking with our customers helped us understand what it was that they valued most in our relationship together and that we feel has grounded the whole experience.

In fact, acknowledging each of those influences in this process feels like we all created this Quantum 3 brand together. We all influenced it and that to me, makes it stronger.

Choosing the Right PARTners Creates Improvement

We are in the business of Improvement – Workflow Improvement. There are always individual parts and components in any workflow. The trick is to source the right parts and get them to work together. That in essence, is what our brand is about and this process has allowed us to bring that upfront and centre into everything we do and everything we think about ourselves as a company.

We believe strongly that choosing the right partners creates improvement. We apply that principle to our products, people and processes – our 3 P’s.


Our Aluminium Profile and Framing Systems are designed to create improvement in your manufacturing process, simply because of how they work together and the creativity and expertise we apply to that process.


Our people are committed to continually building their own expertise and how that expertise can add to the business and our client’s business. We seek to understand each other’s roles in Quantum 3. We value the work we do individually and together. We value clarity and creativity as a problem solver.


We build processes that work to support the business. They are designed to grow as the company grows and are there to serve the greater vision of the business. They are designed to improve the business and what we offer to the market place.

We are better because we believe everything can be greater when the individual parts work together.

So that’s the story of behind the brand. It’s been rolled out across all our commercial vehicles, signage, corporate identity, website, workwear and so much more. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this process both inside and in support of us and the Quantum 3 brand.

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