Closed Aluminium Profile Series Codes

Know the Code for Ordering your Quantum 3 Closed Profile

In 2000 Quantum 3 launched a range of open extruded aluminium profiles that could be built to make machine frames, guards, work benches and so on. We have since launched the Quantum 3 Closed Profile Series to accommodate the needs of our clients.

Closed Aluminium Profile Series

The series includes 4 types of Closed Aluminium Profile so far including PAC 4041, PAC 4042, PAC 4141 and PAC 4182. They’re coded to help our clients understand the attributes of each Closed Profile. The Code comes in three parts and as in all things, it’s simple when you know how:


  1. We start with PAC and that stands for Profile Aluminium Closed.
  2. The next part of the code revolves around the Dimensions of the Closed Profile.
  3. Lastly, we look at each axis of the Aluminium Profile and award a 1 Value to each Closed Profile Slot. The trick is to look at each Closed Profile in terms of axes and slots.

Let’s look at each Closed Profile in the series so you can see:

  • PAC 4041
    This profile will be the easiest to understand and will help make sense of the others. The dimensions of the profile are 40mm by 40mm and that gives us the first part of the code i.e. it’s all about dimensions. One face of the profile is closed and all other sides are open. With one closed slot we award a 1 value to one of the dimensions and we get PAC 4041.
  • PAC 4042
    For this profile you can see that two sides are closed on the same axis. Therefore, we award a 2 value to one axis on the profile, creating PAC 4042. I’m sure you’re thinking ‘why isn’t it 4141 or 4240?’ If you think about it where the first 40 is one axis and the last 40 is the other axis it makes a lot more sense.
  • PAC 4141
    Keeping in mind what we said about the axis, let’s take a look at PAC 4141. Two sides are closed but on different axes. Hence, we award a 1 value to each axis and we get PAC 4141.
  • PAC 4182
    This is a 40mm by 80 mm Closed Profile. Remember how I mentioned we award a 1 value to each closed SLOT? This is where the word slot and side gets slightly complicated. Most people will look at this profile and believe it should be named 4181. The reason it’s not is because we are basing our values on the slots, not the sides. This doesn’t come into play with the 40 profiles as they only have one slot on each side. The 80 side of this profile has two slots and the 40 side has one slot.Hence, we award a 2 value to the 80 side and a 1 value to the 40 and we get PAC 4182.


I hope that this has helped clarify the Coding and Labeling or our Closed Profile Series. It should make it easier to understand this product line at a glance and help you identify what you need for your project. Now you can check out our Closed Profile range by clicking here.

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