Demo Bench

Our new Height Adjustable Bespoke Demo Bench

Showcasing our New Bespoke Demo Bench

Our 40 x 40, Series 1 profile, has been used in the creation of this bench. The bespoke demo bench is custom and showcases many features to encourage and maintain a tidy workplace.

In preparing for the Manufacturing Solutions event held in LIT on the 12th June, the Quantum 3 team designed and built a new bespoke demo bench for display at this and future events.

Custom led clear panel with Quantum 3 brand name

The LED panel is custom and features the Quantum 3 company logo and is an impressive remodeling to the demo bench we previously produced. In putting a bench design together, branding’s importance can often be forgotten. Introducing a panel such as this, can be a simple but effective way of marketing. In addition to this, a standard magnetic white board panel was also included as a back panel , and can be used for memos.

Overhead Lighting

In the designing of this bench, overhead lighting which can be turned off and on was also included. Overhead lighting can be a vital asset to an employee to avoid eye strain if working for a long period of time.

Adjustable Keyboard/ Mouse Tray

The keyboard/mouse tray located on the underside of the bench provides an option to maintain a tidy working area. In addition to this, the tray itself pulls in and out while the mouse tray is capable of the same.

Monitor Mount

The monitor mount included on the desk is adjustable both side to side as well as up and down. As a result, workers are able to move the screen to match their height or the task they are undertaking.

Height Adjustable

A final feature of the new demo bench, is the option to adjust height. Height adjustable benches have a number of great health benefits for employees including the following;

height adjustable bench with bespoke features
  • Blood sugar levels can lower, especially if standing after lunch
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Reduction in back pain. Also helps to encourage good posture

Three Drawer Lockable Cabinet

A cabinet was included here to allow for the storage of items such as stationary. It also provides a space to ensure that equipment used can be filed away.

The bottom drawer is lockable to allow for safe storage of personal items

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