Profile Aluminium Quadrant 40 (Cut Length)


Profile Aluminium Quadrant 40

This is a cut-to length product

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Extruded aluminium profiles are ideal for constructing equipment for machine frames, guarding, conveyors to cabinets, benches and bespoke one off designs. Our profile is designed to improve the structural integrity of any frame being built. Our connection method is superior to others in that we use connectors to join the profile lengths together, meaning we don’t need to redrill the connecting bar if changes are required. All of Quantum 3’s extruded aluminium profiles have a 14mm slot. This range of profile is open on two sides and has closed curve on two sides, making it ideal for the corners of any structure.

This is a cut-to length product, for full 6m length, please click here

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Aluminium Alloy 6063


Clear Anodized

Thread Size:


Area Moment of Inertia Ix (in cm4):


Area Moment of Inertia Iy (in cm4):


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Weight 1.3 kg