Quantum 3 T-Bar Connector for 8mm Slotted Profile

Quantum 3 Connector for 8mm Slotted Profile

Introducing the Quantum 3 Connector, our newest innovation.

We are proud to have launched our new Quantum 3 Connector, which delivers the strongest, most positively aligned and clean connection possible.

  • No Drilling Required: No holes – therefore no drilling is required. This makes the Quantum 3 Connector truly modular.
  • Quick & Easy Configuration: Combined with the simple, secure, one-bolt fixing to profiles, this allows for quick and easy reconfiguration, with endless possibilities, and allows for infinite repositioning or removal of the connected bars.
  • One-Tool Assembly & Disassembly: Simple Allen Key fixing means that you can assemble or disassemble with one tool only.
  • No Dirt Traps: The clean interface of the Connector edge with profile radius closes all gaps, eliminating possible dirt traps so it is ideal for use in cleantech environments.
  • Compatibility: It works with both Quantum 3 8mm profiles, and other 8mm slotted profiles.


Quantum 3 – Connecting to 8mm Slotted Profile

See a video walkthrough below:


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