Quantum 3 in Costa Rica – Behind the Scenes

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“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” – Michael John Bobak 

How did this project come about?

Why Costa Rica?

At the end of last year, Quantum 3 was approached by a Costa Rica branch of a well known multi national company. Previously and to this day, Quantum 3 did work for the Irish branch.

As a result, having seeing the work Q3 has completed to date, Costa Rica became interested in getting the same standard for their production line. It was from this, a full assembly line consisting of over 30 benches was to be designed by our senior engineers with consult and approval from Costa Rica engineers.

As 2018 came to a close one of our engineers flew over to Costa Rica to look at their requirements. As a result from this trip, design began.

Why Quantum 3?

The Quantum 3 company prides itself in an understanding about Lean Processing with an overreaching goal of Building to Improve. The conclusion was, work done by Quantum 3 here in Ireland was surpassing the standard currently seen in Costa Rica. Quantum 3 is lucky to have a great caliber of designers who have shown themselves capable through their past work. As well as this, our highly qualified fitters work tirelessly to ensure quality is at the fore of all projects undertaken. In concluding this, Quantum 3 was an ideal candidate for this project.

What did the project entail?

How did a standard bench look?

There were a number of various requirements for each bench. However, a bench such as that featured in the images below is a typical example of one of the bespoke benches which were produced. For instance, a large percentage of the benches included;

  1. Laminate Worktop
  2. Keyboard and Custom Mount
  3. Monitor and Custom Mount
  4. Bespoke Machined Delrin Tote
  5. Laminate Totes

Was Quantum 3 profile used to build these benches?

Series 2, Slot 8 profile was used in completing this project in both 40 x 40 mm ( pictured aside ) and 40 x 80 mm.

Our Series 2 profile comes in 8 mm, 6 mm and 5 mm slot and is connected using our standard automatic connectors or by a screw connector. Have a look at the profile options available at the link here.

Who installed the finished work in Costa Rica?

Quantum 3! Having finished assembly of the benches it was Quantum 3 who were to also take on the final install. Two fitters and one designer were sent to Costa Rica to oversee and implement the install of the 30 benches.

So what’s next..?

Quantum 3 was grateful for such an incredible opportunity. We hope to continue to be able to work with Costa Rica into the future.

Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to keep up to date will all the goings on in Quantum 3… who knows what will be next!


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